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Soil, Mulch, & Gravel

The Cutting Edge Landscaping offers the best soils, sand, mulch, and gravel in Scarborough, Markham, and other surrounding areas. Why? Because:Click the edit button to replace this content with your own.

  • We custom blend our own soils so we know exactly what they contain
  • We DO NOT accept or re-sell dumpster bin or yard debris
  • We have a variety of soil blends available to support your specific planting requirements
  • All our wood mulches are 100% natural, NO dyed or coloured products.
  • We are the only bulk supplier in the GTA of 100% natural cedar mulch guaranteed

Soil Products

Cutting Edge Blend "CEB"

  • Our signature soil blend
  • Excellent for adding to new or existing gardens
  • Contains 25% Manure, 25% Peat Loam, 25% Peat Moss, 15% Bark, 10% TD Sand

50/50 Blend

  • Excellent for top dressing and overseeding existing lawns
  • 50% mushroom compost and 50% peat loam

Triple Mix

  • Good for adding to new or existing landscaping
  • Good choice for top dressing areas over 2" or for covering exposed tree roots
  • Contains 34% topsoil, 33% peat loam, 33% manure

Mushroom Compost

  • Weed-free, good for top dressing lawns and garden beds
  • 90% manure, 10% bark

Mulch Products

Pine Bark Mulch

  • Available in a dark, shredded mulch as well as a red, woody mulch
  • Good for mulching trees, shrubs and garden beds

Cedar Mulch

  • Finely shredded mulch
  • Good choice for mulching all species of plants

Hardwood Landscape Mulch

  • Good for use in garden beds to beautify and protect plants from drought freeze and erosion

Wood Chips

  • An economical ground covering for use in large applications
  • Mixed hard and softwood chips make up this mulch

Sand & Gravel


  • Used in playgrounds, swept into interlocking pavers, slabs and flagstone


  • Variety available call for more information

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